The aim of the project was to differentiate product communication while maintaining consistency with brand values. As a result, the bottle packaging was redesigned to give a more modern visual representation of the local territory.


The new iconography and packaging project revive the customs and values of the rural region of Romagna in the area of Brisighella (close to Faenza). The forgotten fruits of Brisighella. In Romagna, in the autumn months, one had to think of the cold winter coming and stock on wood and food. The wild fruits were carefully harvested and preserved in the pantries of the “Azdore” the typical housewives, which handed down the family recipes from mother to daughter and cleverly combined the wild fruits with the grape must.

Collaboration: Nicole Poggi

Illustration: Annalisa e Marina Durante

Photography: Valentina Solfrini

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Podere la Berta illustrazione 2
Podere la Berta illustrazione
Podere la Berta illustrazione e lettering 2
Podere la Berta illustrazione e lettering
Collage etichette Podere la Berta
Floresco dettaglio
Podere la Berta Floresco
Podere la Berta Olmatello
Podere la Berta Pagadebit
Podere la Berta 03