The Estate a typical Romagna landscape and home to Podere La Berta. Nature and man worked hand-in-hand to create these 22 acres of land, where nature breathes intense red and golden hues into the local grapes. From the hills that straddle the regions of Tuscany and Romagna, Podere La Berta overlooks the Lamone valley, the thoroughfare connecting Florence, Faenza and Brisighella. Rich in clay, the soil preserves and passes down its heritage, giving the wine its special character.

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ico_cavejia_Podere La Berta

The Caveja – Iron Ring
The ultimate symbol of regional identity is the Caveja, an iron pin that jingles from the yoke, following the movement of cattle. Decorated with allegorical images and iron rings similar to the “torques” — twisted Celtic jewelry — they are made by skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths, tempered multiple times, giving each Caveja a unique sound and form.

The three rings
Symbol of unity through will, the continuity of values and the agricultural tradition of Romagna, Giovanni, Nicolò and Domenico have chosen the Caveja, an iron pin that jingles from an oxen’s yoke, an object passed down by the Celts, as their logo.